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Tan Horse Media

Photo taken by Elizabeth Strasko Photography

Hello! Welcome to Tan Horse Media!

My name is Maryann Dugan, I'm from Morriston, Florida and I am passionate about two things; horses and media. Being able to combine both in my newly created business has been a dream come true for me. I enjoy the aspect of equine photography while branching out to website design and development for different types of industries. I am a recent 2023 undergraduate from Asbury University with a degree in Digital Content Creation and I am working my way towards not only gaining more experience than what I have in the real world to growing my company to help others achieve their business goals with media as well. 

Maryann Dugan

Media Specialist

Over the course of my years in learning not only about the basics and functions of media but the industry as well and how to better understand what an audience is looking for in a service, product, or the media presence from a company. I have learned to think from a costumer point of view when designing or creating a company's media content. My main goal whenever I am designing or creating is to always make a clear and eye-catching translation between consumer and business to help both sides, not just one. I always want to achieve a supportive and friendly work environment to encourage communication and understand the desires of my clients for their businesses. 


In College, I not only learned about the world of media itself but I studied film and camera work as well. I learned how to use a camera and what lighting fits best in certain scenarios to get the perfect photo or video. I worked hard on learning as much as I could about many different types of cameras. The experience that I have now from spending time learning in college has helped me in my experience with my amazing clients as well!

 Tan Horse Media has been a great opportunity for me to put my skills out there and gain more experience to use in the future! I bring new and fresh ideas with the knowledge of modern technology. Being apart of the first generation to live with technology, I have studied new techniques for technology and media that will help me to help my clients achieve the dreams they have for their business. Tan Horse Media is ready to help you achieve the dreams that you have for yourself and for your business by unleashing the future of media!


Jump into a new future for your business today!





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