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Website Services

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Whether its a website from scratch to get your business started or an update on your website with a redesign, Tan Horse Media has it all.


Offering services on multiple platforms.


Any platform that you want to run your business on will work for Tan Horse Media. The website services are at a reasonable price for the gain of more experience for Tan Horse Media. As experience grows so will the price so hurry now and get your quote for your new website before the price grows!  


The process

One on One Communication

Other website designers and developers want to do things on their own. I don't like to let my clients be on their own. I want to be communicating with them every step of the way. You will know exactly what I am working on. I always want to sit down and talk with you to show you what I am working on visually. You will be able to see the step by step progress. The first step will always be asking questions so that I can pull the model up in my mind that best fits your dream website! 


The Blueprint for Your Design

Next part of the process is to show you what the basics look like and what ideas you want to implement into certain pages on your website. I will give you my ideas to make your website more eye-catching or more functional and always ask you what you want to see in your website!


Communication is Key

My main goal is to create designs that are both eye-catching and functional for your business and your customers. I also want to keep you as updated as I can. It is important to have a baseline and make sure that everything flows together. I will walk you through each part of the process starting from the first draft to the final draft of the website. You will be able to see how your website is coming together and how it will work in the end for your business!


Details, details, and more details!

After creating your final draft and knowing that it works perfectly for you, I will go into more integrate detail and help you find your style with those details. Whether it's through more spacing throughout the website, a minimalist look, a more creative appearance, or a simple and functional website, I will help you achieve your goals through the details of your site as well!


The Final Piece!

It's all done! I will have you look over everything and anything that you want in your website! I will go through everything once again and check details, buttons, pictures, and wording that was provided on the website. I will help you with the final touches and we will finish up the entire site by sending it into live mode! Then your customers will be able to see your brand new beautiful website!

How does that Sound? 

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